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Hip Show – a red-hot interactive show which will blow your mind away! Hip Show is more than just full-contact types of martial arts and physical fighting skills. It’s the next big step in sports entertainment.

Imagine a 12m by 12m Arena… then add three-level structures up to 2 meters high. And if that’s not exiting enough, imagine a team fight in equal or powerplay line-ups! That’s right - we’re not talking about “single combat”. Hip show is all about team battle, team spirit, training partnerships and tactical savvy. Our Fighters can use any style of contact martial arts. Hip Show fighting rules allow any impact, throws or takedowns in accordance with international MMA rules (learn more about Rules and Regulations)

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 Jun, 2014 Qualification tournament, USA
 July, 2014 International Hip Show Championship, USA

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Attention! New video Hip Show!

The demo fight 2 VS 2 between “Prostye parni” and “Detroit”: BORIMIR and PRAVSHA tried to eliminate champions – BULYA and ASAD!

Participants of the fights:

“Prostye parni”: Chinenov PRAVSHA Michael – 167 cm, 70 kg, Grigory BORIMIR Rodov -165 cm, 67 kg.

“Detroit”: Kunizhev BULYA Kazbulat – 168 cm, 69 kg, Akhmedov ASAD Asadulla – 165 cm, 66 kg.

<<< Watch the fight 2 VS 2 "Prostye parni" - "Detroit"!

The top UFC 174 fight –Ali Bagautinov vs Demetrius Johnson!

14 June – the head judge of the Hip Show project Ali Bagautinov will fight for the UFC title against the current UFC champion in the lightweight division – Demetrius “Mighty Mouse” Johnson!

The fight will take place during the UFC 174 tournament at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada. This is the first fight in the history when the fighter from Russia will fight for the title of the UFC champion.

Bagautinov (13-2) crashed into the UFC lightweight division in September 2013, knocking out in his debut fight Marcos Vinicius. Later on he eliminated top UFC fighters Tim Elliott and John Lineker. 

Having an unbreakable spirit and being strongly disciplined Bagautinov climbed to the top of the lightweight category deserving the right to fight for the gold.

Johnson (19-2-1) won the UFC title in September 2012, eliminating Joseph Benavidez. Since that time “Mighty Mouse” managed to defend his title three times.