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Hip Show – a red-hot interactive show which will blow your mind away! Hip Show is more than just full-contact types of martial arts and physical fighting skills. It’s the next big step in sports entertainment.

Imagine a 12m by 12m Arena… then add three-level structures up to 2 meters high. And if that’s not exiting enough, imagine a team fight in equal or powerplay line-ups! That’s right - we’re not talking about “single combat”. Hip show is all about team battle, team spirit, training partnerships and tactical savvy. Our Fighters can use any style of contact martial arts. Hip Show fighting rules allow any impact, throws or takedowns in accordance with international MMA rules (learn more about Rules and Regulations)

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Upcoming events

 Jun, 2014 Qualification tournament, USA
 July, 2014 International Hip Show Championship, USA

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Here we go!

The Hip Show team which goes to US to participate in the first international Arena Combat show is defined!

Thus the pioneers of 2-on-2 fights in US are:

The fight US vs Russia in the weight class up to 70 kg:

Russia: Levon Smirnov, “Berkut” team – Yusup Suleimanov, “Berkut” team;

US: John Ferris, SSF & Tian Dinh, SSF.

The fight US vs Russia in the weight class up to 70 kg:

Russia: Stanislav Ermolov, A-TEAM team – Roman Popov, A-TEAM team.


New trailer for ARENA COMBAT!

Check out our first official trailer for ARENA COMBAT 1 / Saturday August 9th in Bristol, VA!

<<< Watch the new trailer